How To Stop Glitter From Falling Off Dress ?

When you’re wearing a dress in the evening, it isn’t always ideal to have glittery accessories or other decorations completely covering that dress. Sometimes you want to be able to wear your dress again the next day and with a little bit of care, as well as more than one at a time in the future. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep your glittery accessories on your dress so they don’t end up all over your closet like this: How to stop glitter from falling off dress?

At first glance, it might not seem like this is even possible. After all, how could something so light and delicate stay put without falling off? It’s actually quite simple if you know what materials make up your clothing, how to handle them properly when washing them and which common tricks will help you get rid of any loose glitter that does happen to fall off. Here are some helpful tips for stopping glitter from falling off dresses.

Take special precautions when laundering the item

You might see a tag “Dry Clean Only” on your dress: that means you need to have it dry cleaned. Tell the dry cleaning shop manager that you dress has glitter the glitter, insist that you need special care so that the glitter does not fall off.

If you do this at home, you should probably turn the dress inside out before cleaning it. Also, you should do this yourself only if the tag indicates that you can launder your dress at home. Use cold water and mild washing power, and do not forget specific instructions. Washing your garment in a laundry bag or a pillow case can also be a life saver.

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Spray the dress with a translucent spray adhesive

If you’re wearing a light, sheer dress that has glitter on it, applying some sort of spray adhesive might be the key to keeping your dress in tact. For example, if you’re wearing a sheer top with glitter on the skirt and it starts to fall off, try spraying some translucent spray glue onto the top of your dress first. It can be found at any store and will help keep anything short-lived from coming off too soon. Additionally, it should prevent any pieces of glitter or other decorations from coming loose in time for your next big party.

Spray the dress with hairspray before wearing it out of the house

There are a lot of different ways to go about this and the most effective method to stop glitter from falling off your dress is to spray the dress with hairspray before wearing it. Hairspray will be able to hold any loose bits of glitter that might fall off in place and won’t easily slip or slide out.

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