What To Wear Under Silk Dress ?

When it comes to dressing up, you don’t really have any limits. You wonder what to wear under silk dress ? You could dress up in the cutest party dresses and even the most elegant dresses but there is no point if you can’t pull them off. It all depends on how well you dress up under them. If you want to look absolutely stunning no matter what type of attire you are wearing, a silk dress is one of your best options.

They are not only comfortable but they make you look like a fashionista at the same time with their unique texture and appearance. Silk has always been one of the most popular fabrics for women because it feels wonderful against your skin and it looks good from every angle as well. That is why we are going to talk about everything that you need to know about wearing a silk dress so that next time when you plan on wearing one, it won’t look like such a challenge to get yourself dressed up in it again.

What to wear under silk dress

Why it is tricky

You should be careful about what you’re wearing UNDER the silk dress. The silky material can sometimes reveal every little bump or panty line, so be sure to wear your favourite Spanx.

Spanx shapers are typically lightweight garments that help to control trouble areas and make your silhouette look slim and streamlined. The layers are designed to be thin, so that they’re unnoticeable under close-fitting dresses and other attire.

Very few women have a “flawless” figure. Spanx makes it possible for virtually every woman, regardless of their shape or size. Spanx are also very helpful in avoiding the ever so irritating “chub rub,” being the rubbing of the inner thighs together when wearing a dress or skirt without pantyhose.

3 types of things to wear

  • Mix with casual. I like to pair a classy silk dress with a casual piece, like some loafer slides.
  • Add a knit. An oversize knit adds texture and also keeps you warm.
  • Go for Spanx! I love Spanx, and it’s perfect whatever your size.

What can I wear on top of a silk dress?

There’s one word: layers. Whether you’re wearing it over a fitted long-sleeved top, under a chunky turtleneck or cardigan, with jeans or tights, or topped with a leather jacket or overcoat, the key to your winter slip dress outfit is to pile on other pieces until peak coziness is reached.

What can I wear under a thin dress?

Choose a high-waisted brief. This bottom choice ensures your lower half will be covered, but you’ll still be teasing a decent amount of skin.

How do you make a silk dress more casual?

You can pair a silk dress with a simple chain necklace, a thin bangle, and some studs. You can mix that with some sandals to keep this look casual, or step it up a notch with some boots. Don’t forget the accessories! Use your small clutch or a handbag to hit the town.

Can you wear silk year round?

Of course, silk is to be preferred in the summer. But wearing silk year round is totally doable. Silk fabric looks great, covers, and feels cool. But like other kind of clothing, silk is sensitive conditions of wear, stains and color loss.

What should I pay attention to when I wear a silk dress?

You should be aware of what you’re wearing underneath the silk dress. Because of the fabric, these items can sometimes reveal every little bump or panty line. I like these Spanx (they’re not very constricting), which are my favorite (I’m not wearing them right now).

Do silk dresses show sweat ?

Yes, it shows sweat. It’s great looking and light and beautiful, but it’s persperant and water will stick to it like most of the fabrics on the market.

What do you wear with silk ?

You can mix a silk blouse with denim and heels. Don’t forget to add a basic T-shirt underneath your silk blouse and throw on a midi skirt. Boom, you have your coolest office outfit. Pro tip: 2 pastel colors paired together for a fresh effect on this classic blouse style.


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