How To Dress For Paintball ?

Everyone has their own style when it comes to dressing for a paintball game. However, there are some general rules that almost everyone follows. When you’re going to be playing in the woods, it’s important that you dress appropriately and in layers. This way if it starts to get a little chilly outside, you can simply take off a few sweaters or layers. Check out our article on how to dress for paintball for more information.

Playing paintball outdoors is much more fun when you have the right equipment and attire with which to do so. Taking into account the weather, time of day, and season is essential too. This way your clothing choices can be adjusted accordingly as well. Here we will discuss some of the main points of what type of clothing you should wear when playing paint-ball outdoors as well as some specific examples that show how this looks in practice.

How to dress for paintball

The main rule of thumb for paintballing is to leave as little skin exposed as possible – those paintballs can really sting – so avoid vests and anything with short sleeves and instead wear a jumper, hoody or a long-sleeved t-shirt.

What should you not wear to paintball?

There are easy rules for that:

  • Do not wear something fancy, as you will end up with color everywhere, even with protection.
  • Do not wear white if you don’t want your t-shirt to end up red, green, yellow.
  • Do not go for shiny colors if you don’t want to be seen and targeted.
  • Don’t wear too warm clothes as you will be doing effort for a long period of time.

Do paintballs hurt?

Most people state that paintball doesn’t hurt too much; it usually feels like a firm flick. But this will depend on how fast the ball is going, the distance it travels and where on the body it hits you. Paintball injuries won’t be too extensive, but you should expect a few minor bruises and bumps after playing.

example of how to dress for paintball

Do they give you clothes at paintball?

Although you’ll get fully kitted out with protective gear when you get there, you still need to put some thought into what you’ll be wearing underneath it all – a party of football-mad teenagers might want to turn up in their team’s kit, but shorts and socks aren’t really suitable for paintball.

What should I wear to not get hurt at paintball?

As much as possible, try to buy protection for areas of your body you think could get hurt: shoulders, knees, elbows, crotch, back.

What is the proper attire for paintball?

Ideal attire for a paintball game offers full coverage of arms and legs (some fields even prohibit shorts). While it may be counterintuitive to wear long sleeves and pants when you will be running and staying very active all day, even a thin layer of clothing will act as a protective barrier between skin and paint.

How to dress for paintball: can you wear leggings?

You can wear leggings or gym shorts underneath for added protection. Find a pair of sweatpants that fit properly so you don’t have to worry about tripping or losing your pants while running. If it’s really hot I will wear basketball shorts with knee and skin protectors.

Do your clothes get ruined paintball?

​Paintballs are nonstaining, nontoxic, and biodegradable. As such, the paintball fill will not permanently stain your clothes. Your clothes can be laundered as normal to remove any paint residue.

What should I wear first time paintballing?

We recommend wearing casual clothing that’s easy to manoeuvre in. Hoodies and thick clothing is ideal to take away the sting of the paintballs. We suggest tracksuit bottoms, joggers and jeans, again thick attire that’s easy to move in.

Does paintball hurt with clothes on?

To prevent paintball potentially hurting we suggest wearing layers of clothing which will act as padding. Thicker clothing such as hoodies help prevent bruising and the feel of a ‘sting’. Paintballs that bounce of bare skin will hurt, so to avoid this wear gloves, long sleeved tops, scarves and head wraps.

What does getting hit by a paintball feel like?

Now that we saw how to dress for paintball, you have to know that a paintball can cause bruises. It’s hard not to notice when you’ve been hit by a paintball. It’s very common for players to feel a slight sting, similar to a firm flick on the arm. The pain is minor and typically fades quickly. While most hits are insignificant, a paintball can cause bruises and welts.

How do you make paintball not hurt?

It all depends on the other players: the paintball place should have a policy mentioning that shooting should not be too close from the body of another player. This way you will almost feel nothing.

Do paintballs hurt more than BB?

Most airsoft guns fire small plastic pellets, or BBs, and tend to travel faster than paintballs, delivering a nasty sting when shot. As the surface area of the paintball is bigger, it does tend to result in a harder impact, however, the paintball is travelling slower, therefore, exerting less pressure.

Do paintball places give you gear?

Paintball places may lend you gear and protection, but it depends on their policy. Once you have registered, you will be directed to the equipment station. It is often a long desk in front of shelves of equipment. You will be given the equipment you rented and get a brief overview of how the equipment works. Be sure to ask any questions if you don’t understand something.

Should I bring a change of clothes to paintball?

Make sure you don’t mind getting them dirty, just in case. Always bring a change of clothes for the ride home. If you wear multiple layers, you can simply strip off the outer layer of clothing for a clean outfit. Don’t forget a trash bag to transport your dirty clothing home.

How to dress for paintball in summer

Though we often recommend sweat pants, long sleeves, and layers, 90 degree weather is an exception. Choose lightweight, single layer clothing and supplement with knee and elbow pads for protection. Lighten up your pack as well by ditching any excess gear for a reduced weight. Use a goggle visor to block out sun.

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